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Are you looking for the right types of Colorado auto insurance coverages? You have come to the best site that can give you ideal solutions and competitive price quotes on Colorado auto insurance policies, so that you can comply with the financial responsibility requirements of the state of Colorado. If you go through the information provided by us on Colorado auto insurance requirements, you'll get a clear idea of the various types of coverages you'll need so that you can protect your vehicle registration and driver license from penal action by the DMV of Colorado.

Colorado auto insurance and its significance

An auto insurance policy is a coverage that one cannot choose to ignore. Irrespective of the cost involved, this is a policy that is mandated by the government of every state to ensure financial protection for everyone who owns an automobile and drives it. Just as in the case of every state, Colorado also has mandated the requirement for every person who takes the wheel. There are a number of Colorado auto insurance providers catering to the requirements of thousands of customers. Though there are no dearth auto insurance providers in the state, buying an insurance policy in Colorado is easier said than done. While a few providers offer the best coverage, they may not be affordable. And on the other hand, there are providers who may offer affordable policies, but you may have to make compromises in terms of coverage. In order to avail the best auto insurance coverage of your needs at costs that fit your budget, you will need to avail quotes from multiple providers and compare them before making your choice.

In the past, the only options that Colorado residents had in order to obtain quotes from various companies were to visit their offices and speak to their representatives. The other option was to call the customer service department and avail quotes over the phone. But now, thanks to the internet, you can get the quotes right at your fingertips without having to bend over backwards. Getting multiple quotes from the website and comparing them in a matter of minutes before making your choice is now a reality.

The minimum requirements to ensure a valid coverage

Just like in most of the countries across the world, all the states across the United States of America have made it mandatory for every driver to have a valid auto insurance policy to drive in the country. This coverage offers financial protection to the consumer in case of any accident or damage to property as a result of an accident. Driving without a valid auto insurance coverage is considered to be a serious offence which can result in a hefty fine or jail term based on the seriousness of the offence. In order for an auto insurance coverage to be considered valid, it has to at least meet the minimum requirements prescribed by the state governing body. The minimum requirements of one state are different from that of the other. Hence, when you want to buy the Colorado auto insurance coverage, it is important to be aware of the state specified minimum requirements.

In Colorado, the state specified minimum for bodily injuries per person is $25000. The minimum threshold for bodily injury coverage of all people injured in the accident is $50000 and it is $10000 for property damage. You can choose from a wide range of coverage options, with the most basic being third party coverage and the most comprehensive being the comprehensive coverage. Irrespective of your choice, you have to ensure the policy covers the state specified limits.

From 2008, Colorado had made it compulsory that auto insurance carriers should offer $5,000 as minimum medical payments coverage in the auto insurance policy. You can opt out of this policy by specific request, failing which the insurance carrier will include it automatically in the policy, increasing your premium. This new law further stipulates that insurance carriers should hold $5,000 towards medical payments cover for 30 days so that the trauma bills are paid before all other expenses.

State Driving and Traffic Laws 

Traffic and driving laws are laid down by every state to ensure safety of every vehicle and pedestrian on the road. These laws also safeguard the property and prevent mishaps from occurring. The driving and traffic laws in one state are different from the other.

When you are driving in the state of Colorado, it is not enough to just have a valid auto insurance policy. It is also important to be aware of and understand the various driving and traffic laws that govern the state. Though the basic laws of driving are common across the country, there are a few laws which are state specific in nature and hence call for special attention.

The main requirement is to possess a valid driving license and auto insurance coverage. In addition to this, every time you either cancel your coverage or renew it with another service provider, you will have to keep the insurance provider informed about the new developments. This is important because every time the policy is cancelled or not renewed, the insurance provider sends the relevant information to the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state. The DMV of Colorado will then issue a notice in your name warning you about the consequences if you don't either buy a new policy or get the existing one renewed.

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