Springfield Auto Insurance in Colorado

Just like in the other states of the US, there are minimum requirements specified for the Springfield car insurance policy. While all the Springfield car insurance companies in Colorado will offer these, it is recommended that you opt for extra features to ensure that your Springfield auto insurance policy gives you maximum financial protection.

Minimum requirements for Springfield auto insurance coverage in Colorado

Springfield is a statutory town that is the county seat and the most populous town of Baca County in Colorado. The state law prescribes certain minimums for the town of Springfield, Colorado.

The first element of auto insurance coverage is bodily injury liability. The state law of Colorado prescribes a minimum of 25000$ per person for any accident and 50000$ for all the people involved in the accident. This auto insurance coverage will take care of all the medical bills arising out of an accident. But it basically for trauma care. That is emergency treatment after an accident.

The state minimum is never going to be sufficient for all the medical treatments that one might have to take after an accident. It is just a basic minimum prescribed by the government. Hence it is normal for people to take up to a hundred thousand for personal injury and 300000 for all injuries sustained in the accident in Springfield, Colorado.

The second element is called property damage liability. This part of the auto insurance coverage takes care of all damage to property that will have occurred in an accident. This includes damage to your car and the other party's car. The damage sustained by other property like walls, poles, bill boards, freight, etc will also be covered by this part of the auto insurance.

The state law of Colorado mandates a minimum of 15000$ per occurrence or per accident. This amount is again way below what one might have to spend in case of a major accident. It can at the most cover just some bills for dents and scratches, but nothing more than that. Hence it is normal for people to go in for more auto insurance coverage in order to be safe. And it also depends on the cost of your car. A high end car would definitely require a lot more in order to be covered entirely.

Then there are certain optional coverage's that are also recommended. This includes uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. One may decline this coverage by stating it in writing to the insurance company. But the Colorado state law mandates that all insurance companies should offer this by default and only revoke it in case the customer declines it. The coverage limits are the same as bodily injury liability.

And then there is something called medical benefits coverage. The minimum is 5000$ and it must and should be offered by all insurance companies. You may decline it just as the uninsured motorist coverage.

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