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Oklahoma Auto Insurance Quotes

If you wish to obtain the Oklahoma auto insurance quotes and if you wish to get some of the best deals, then you have come to the right place. You can avail all the comprehensive information on the type of insurance coverage that is mandatory in Oklahoma. Every state has a certain requirement and you can obtain all the information regarding the amount of coverage you need in order to be able to drive around legally in the state of Oklahoma. After you get familiar with the state laws you can obtain auto insurance quotes from various auto insurance providers who are authorized to provide insurance cover for the motorists in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Liability Insurance Requirements

Oklahoma is one of many states in the U.S. that requires motorists to purchase liability insurance coverage for all vehicles registered in the state.  This liability insurance covers bodily injuries and property damage caused in a motor vehicle accident.  The minimum required coverage for bodily injuries for one person in one accident is $25,000.  For all bodily injuries in one accident, the minimum required coverage is $50,000.  Property damage must be covered by a minimum of $25,000 in liability insurance.  Oklahoma does not require that motorists purchased personal injury protection or uninsured motorist coverage, but these options may be available.  An insurance agent can tell you what your options are for coverage in Oklahoma.

Factors Affecting Premium Costs

Auto insurance companies use a number of factors to determine the premium costs such as the likelihood of being involved in an accident, motorists driving history, make and model of the vehicle, territory where the vehicle is driven and where it is housed, credit scores, age, gender, number of accidents etc. However, the driving record history may be used only for 3 years.

Compare Quotes & Choose the Best Rates

Prior to purchasing a policy it is important that you shop around and obtain quotes from different insurance providers. Compare rates and choose the policy that best suits your requirements. You can avail a lot of discounts if you have a clean driving record. Try to avoid companies that market themselves for high-risk drivers as they generally have higher premium costs. Ensure that you do a proper comparison based on the coverage that is offered by various companies. You should be able to compare equivalent policies.

Filing Claims - Its Impact On Premiums

As per the Oklahoma state laws the insurance provider cannot raise the premiums in the event of being involved in not-at-fault accidents. However, surcharges may be applied while filing claims for at-fault accidents or other losses. The surcharges are also never calculated on the basis of the dollar amount of the claims that are filed. For instance, surcharge that is applied would be the same regardless of whether you have filed a $100,000 or a $1,500 claim. These surcharges are applied for a 3-year period and the severity of the penalty will vary.

Paying Higher Deductibles

When the deductibles you pay are higher, the premium costs will also go down and you can make a considerable saving on the premiums. Auto insurance is meant for larger claims and filing for smaller claims can lead to an increase in premiums as the surcharges will be applied.

Determining Financial Responsibility in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, the tort system is used to determine who is responsible for paying accident expenses.  Under this system, a driver is assigned blame for an accident and that driver is responsible for paying the other driver's accident-related expenses.  The tort system also allows accident victims to sue a responsible driver for damages resulting from an accident.

Valid Proof of Insurance in Oklahoma

If you are asked for proof of insurance by a law enforcement officer, there are several documents that you can show.  The easiest way to show proof of insurance is by showing your insurance identification card.  You can also show proof of a surety bond, a certificate of deposit, or proof of your participation in the Oklahoma Assigned Risk Auto Plan.

Oklahoma Penalties for Failure to Maintain Coverage

If you cannot provide valid proof of insurance, you face several penalties.  They include a jail sentence of up to 30 days, a $250 fine, and suspension of your driver's license and vehicle registration.  Getting your license back may require you to pay additional fines and fees.  The easiest way to avoid the hassle of losing your license and registration is to maintain the financial responsibility required by Oklahoma law.

Tips For Saving On Auto Insurance

Although auto insurance is quite expensive, there are a number of ways in which you can save on auto insurance premiums. In order to save money, you will have to do some research and find ways and means to make considerable savings every year. You could at least adopt some of these things that will make a definite impact on the auto insurance rates in a positive manner.

The first important thing is to drive safely and adhere to the traffic rules and don't break the law at any point in time. Having a good driving record will help you get huge discounts. So, if you have been having a clean record for the last 3 years, you can certainly claim for a discount. However, if you have been issued tickets or if you have committed any of the traffic offenses, the insurance provider might even politely decline to offer you any sort of coverage, especially if that has been a regular feature.

Enroll in certified driving classes and show the insurer proof after you have successfully completed the defensive driving course that has been duly approved by the authorities in public safety. This is another way to claim for discounts from your insurer.