Oklahoma Auto Insurance Basics


Auto insurance is something that every person who owns a car and uses it on the roads should mandatorily have. It is illegal to operate your vehicle without a good insurance coverage. In addition to being illegal, you are even risking the lives of other motorists in case you do meet with accidents. Since you not having coverage will be a problem when you cause an accident with the other vehicle, it is necessary that the other party has a comprehensive coverage that covers their car even in case of accidents that are caused by others.

Auto insurance in Oklahoma is not very different from the ones in the rest of the country. Here, auto insurance is provided for drivers with a permit from the age of 16 and above. As with other locations, auto insurance for teenagers is pretty expensive and not always recommended. Since you may not be aware of the different rules pertaining to your age, you ought to try and do your research with the various available vendors before you decide on any one kind of coverage. It is recommended to get multiple quotes just to be aware of the different options that you might have.

Additionally, auto insurance in Oklahoma can also be divided into a number of categories. Most drivers usually go in for liability insurance, but this is just one of the many options that you have. In liability insurance under the state of Oklahoma, each driver is assured a minimum of $25,000 in case of injury or death, $50,000 in case of death of two or more persons and $25,000 in case of property damage. While this is the minimum assured amount, one can always go in for higher amounts if it is feasible. You can have your liability insurance even pay for towing and other miscellaneous expenses.

Other forms of auto insurance in Oklahoma includes taking out a bond issued by an authorized surety company, make a self insurance policy if you own a large number of cars, like say 20 to 25 or make a cash deposit exceeding $75,000 with a state agency like the DPS. It is also possible to have auto insurance with the Oklahoma assigned risk auto plan. These are all options in addition to the liability coverage that you can opt for. Depending on factors like your finances and who your agent is, you can decide on which insurance package is the one for you.

Finally, you should know about the penalties for driving around without having auto insurance. Under Oklahoma law, if a driver is caught without auto insurance of any kind, she/he may be fined an amount of up to $250 and also served a prison sentence of 30 days in addition to the fine. Furthermore, it is also possible for the driver’s registration and license to be suspended due to lack of auto insurance. Clearly, it is much simpler to have auto insurance rather risk so much by getting caught. Hence, take your time and get a good coverage for yourself before hitting the road.