Oklahoma Driving and Traffic Laws


Driving in any location is affected by the laws and rules that govern the place. Often, you might find yourself driving in a certain place but not completely aware about all the laws that might be in effect there. There are minor differences in these rules that you need to keep in mind if you do decide to drive in one of these places. While the majority of the rules like driving on which side of the road and stopping at a red light remain the same throughout the country, the difference lies in knowing the minor rules so that you don’t end up committing a traffic offense unknowingly.

Firstly, young drivers need to be aware that in the state of Oklahoma, any person under the age of 18 only holds a probationary driving permit. Hence, from the age of 16 to 18, you don’t actually get a driving permit but are instead restricted to a probationary one that gives you the right to drive on the road. But, if at any point there is a traffic violation or some other traffic related problem caused by such a driver, the department of public safety has the right to cancel or revoke the license altogether. You are expected to show that you can drive safely and follow the rules.

There are also stipulations in the driving and traffic laws that call for mandatory revoking of the driver’s license. This is in case the driver is in control of a motor vehicle while being intoxicated, if he is involved in an accident and doesn’t stop to provide any kind of aid or call for help, if the motor vehicle was used in some felony, if the driver has provided an inaccurate age to obtain a driving license or if the person is driving with any kind of alcohol in the body and is under the age of 21.

Oklahoma also observes a point system to keep drivers in check and ensure that they are not endangering the lives of their passengers or anyone on the road while operating a motor vehicle. In fact, many of these drivers end up driving more cautiously in order to not lose points due to careless driving. Since losing greater than 10 points in five years is ground for automatic revocation, it is advisable to obey the local laws and ensure that the motor vehicle is being operated as specified by the authorities.

These are some of the main features of the driving and traffic laws in Oklahoma. There are also many more rules, some of which are shared in common with the other states and also ensure that the driver is doing his job safely and in a manner that doesn’t hinder the flow of traffic. Since the state is very serious about road safety, offenders are immediately caught and prosecuted under the maximum possible extent by the law. Getting caught repeatedly also increases auto insurance rates and hence, is not worth it. Be safe, and responsible and enjoy your time on the road.