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If you've been spending time searching for the best way to get information and quotes on Washington auto insurance coverage, you've found the right place. Before buying an auto insurance policy, you can research the laws regarding Washington auto insurance coverage. You can find out what coverage is required and what coverage is optional and decide what your policy should include. Then you can request auto insurance quotes from several carriers that are licensed to do business in the state of Washington. Comparing quotes and getting accurate information can help you keep your vehicle legal and save you money in the process.

Auto insurance is mandatory and there is no escaping the minimum mandated by each state.  There are a number of auto insurance carriers; however, you must ensure that you purchase a policy only from a licensed auto insurance carrier.
Although there is a minimum liability coverage that is mandated by each state, it is important to check with your insurance provider about the coverage that you will actually require based on your individual needs. The state prescribed minimum will not suffice in case you are involved in an accident, as the actual losses will be much more.

The Insurance Commissioner is the deciding authority and the minimum liability coverage is fixed after taking various factors into consideration. Before you can obtain online quotes, you must be aware of the minimum in the state you reside in.You may however, purchase additional coverage over and above the minimum that is prescribed by the state.

Auto insurance minimums in Washington

As per the rules in Washington, every motorist is supposed to carry liability insurance as well as proof of insurance at all times and anyone caught driving without the mandated insurance coverage will end up paying a minimum of $450 as fine. In case you provide false information regarding your insurance, it would carry a misdemeanor charge.

The minimum liability amounts in Washington are $25,000 for bodily injury per person, $50,000 for all injuries, and $10,000 for property damage.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage in Washington

There are some states that have made the uninsured/underinsured coverage mandatory as it protects the driver in the event of being involved in an accident with a person who is either uninsured or underinsured. However, Washington has not made this mandatory, but highly recommends carrying this coverage in order to remain on the side of caution.

Since Washington follows the Tort system, there is no need for the no-fault insurance here. Under the Tort system, the at-fault driver will have to bear all medical expenses of the victim. In addition to this the victim also the right to pursue for compensation, additional lost wages, and also for pain and suffering.

Distracted Driver and Teen Driver Laws in Washington

A number of states are seriously considering bringing about strict laws with regard to distracted driving and cellphone usage. In fact, the Washington Legislature is also considering bringing in laws with regard to this. The Washington Senate Bill 6345 has prohibited the use of cellphone while driving without a distracted driver device.

Most of the drivers in the 18 to 24 age group have admitted to texting while driving and this is one of the prime reasons for causing accidents. Accidents are caused due to distracted drivers and it has been proven that there is a 23% increase in risk in being involved in accidents due to distractions such as cellphones.

Although no state has passed any law where there is a complete ban on the use of cellphones for all drivers, there are bans on certain groups that are considered to be high-risk. Around 25 states have partially or completely banned texting messages while driving.

In case you are caught using the cellphone while driving, you could face stiff penalties and even a jail term, especially if you cause an accident as a result of cellphone usage. Hence, the best thing to do would be to avoid using the cellphone while driving.

Washington has also adopted the Graduated Driver Licensing or GDL like most of the other states. This has been aimed at reducing the number of accidents caused by high-risk drivers. Through this system, teenage drivers will be introduced gradually to the driving privileges and they will have sufficient time to gain behind-the-wheel experience that will ultimately help them obtain a valid Washington driver's license.

Under the GDL the aspirant should be at least 15 years old and should have enrolled in a certified driver education course. The teen will also undergo vision and hearing tests. They will also have to provide proof of identification, residency, and age. Teens also require written consent from a parent or legal guardian.

In case the teen is enrolled in the driver education course, he/she cannot apply for the permit until they turn 15 and also pass a written exam. The permit holder should also complete a minimum of 50 hours of behind-the-wheel practice, which is inclusive of 10 hours of nighttime driving as well. It is important to maintain a clean driving record for a period of six months prior to applying for a license.

For the intermediate license, the applicant should be between 16 to 18 years of age and should have completed the certified driver education course and must meet all the requirements similar to the ones required for the learner's permit. During this 12-month period you must ensure that you don't have any traffic violations or there may be unnecessary delays in obtaining the license.

There are a number of teen driver restrictions and violating any of these will result in an extension of the restricted period or even suspension of license.

DUI Laws in Washington

In Washington you could be charged for DUI or Driving under Influence if your BAC or Blood Alcohol Content is 0.08%, which is the minimum known to impair a person. For the first DUI offense you may face a jail term for a day or even imprisonment for a period of one year or a 15-day electronic home monitoring. As the BAC goes up the punishments will also go up. You may face a penalty of $865.50 to $5,000, with a 90-day license suspension. For a second offense, the jail term could be anywhere between one to two months with two months of electronic home monitoring etc.

Availing the best insurance coverage

Auto insurance is a bare necessity and the best way to get some of the best deals is by shopping online. You should know your minimum requirement before applying for a quote. There are a number of websites that will provide multiple quotes. It is important to carry out a comparison of quotes before you can choose the right one.