Washington – Tips for Saving on Car Insurance


It seems that insurance rates just keep going up every time you get that renewal policy. There are ways that you can save on your insurance. Try some or all of these to pay less for your policy the next time it rolls around.

Keep your car in the garage. Parking your vehicle on the streets is looked at as more of a risk to most insurance companies. By the same token, some companies give a discount if you keep your car in your garage.

You may be eligible for some savings if you take and pass a defensive driving class.
The classes are put on through the DMV and also online. The cost of the class may far outweigh the savings you may realize on your insurance policy.

Keep your claims down by handling any little fender benders you may have. Generally, if your damages are less than what you would have to shell out for your deductible, take care of it yourself. Your insurance will just increase with every claim you submit.

If you have had any infractions in the past, check your Motor Vehicle Report to see when they will be lifted from your driving record. Some companies have a time frame when the ticket does not count against you on your policy.

Keep your credit history on the up and up. Your credit score is used in your initial car insurance quote and will be reviewed whenever you have a renewal cycle. So it may be the cause of an increase in your rates even though you didn’t have an accident or submitted any claims.

When your children are old enough, get them a policy in their own name. Having an underage driver will do a lot to keep your rates high.

And make sure you let your insurance agent know when there are any changes in your life that would be reflected in your policy rates. For example, if you used to drive two hours a day to and from work, and you recently got laid off, spending less time on the road will definitely affect your rates.

But the best tip in saving money on your car insurance is to shop around. One company does not fit all, and while almost all claim to save you money, you won’t really know until you get a quote from a professional.