What if I own a car on rent?


If you are the possessor of a car that is being taken on rent by you, then you need to consider the fact that you cans still be covered for the damages. However, the coverage of damages for a rental car would be possible only with some of the companies and every company does not provide the coverage for such rental cars. You must, therefore, read the prospectus of a particular company with utmost care before opting for a particular insurance policy.

For those persons who like o travel on a frequent basis, this car rental insurance policy would be totally useless. The types of coverage included in the rental car insurance includes the insurance cover for collision, medical expenses insurance cover and also the coverage related to the comprehensive features included in the car insurance policies. Also, if any third party gets affected because of the accidents involving your vehicle, then the compensation would also include the covering of damages incurred to them.

An exciting feature included in the rental car insurance is the personal effects coverage. The personal effects coverage is referred to as PEC, in a general sense. Suppose you had any important and valuable belongings in the car which you took for rent and you find that the belongings got stolen from the car, then you can avail the facility of reimbursement for your belongings.

A new kind of coverage that has been introduced recently by the insurance companies includes the pay per mile insurance cover. In the pay per mile insurance coverage, the estimate for the insurance is based on the number of miles drove by you and not on the estimates based on the actual approximations. Thus, you would be covered for only that distance that you have actually travelled. The advent of this new coverage occurred because of the changing driving habits of the drivers in the recent times and thus, the change accruing to their insurance needs due to this change in the driving habits. Also, this type of insurance coverage is an environmental friendly insurance cover as it is based on the specific limit of miles travelled by the insurer. Also, it is in the benefit of the insurance companies as they can formulate innovative plans that would be associated with the insurance covers for different users having different set of driving skills and needs.