Is auto insurance compulsory for my new vehicle?


We can consider this aspect as something that may not be made mandatory by law, but the necessity accruing from it makes it worthy. Well, the auto insurance deals with the damages that incur to your vehicle. Either you may wish to replace the vehicle with a new one or you may even wish to repair it by paying a certain amount. In both the cases, there is an element of uncertainty involved in the insurance covers and so, the necessity of insurance also differs.

Now, when uncertainty is involved, you may even be on the optimistic side and you may consider that the vehicle you are driving would remain safe and you would not required any insurance cover for it as you are confident about your driving skills. But, this would be a philosophical decision and not a practical one.

To be practical, you need to consider that it is not only you who would be held responsible for any damages that occur to your vehicle. But, the accidents can happen because of the unsafe driving of other persons. This is the reason why you should go for availing insurance cover for your vehicle. Also, it may not be necessary that your vehicle meets an accident. Time is a factor that is responsible for the degradation of your vehicle. Wear and tear damages do occur with the passage of time and thus, these are some inevitable factors that cannot be avoided by any one.

Auto insurance also covers an insurer for these aspects and so its utility cannot be ignored. It is mandatory in a number of countries where you need to have an insurance cover when you purchase a new vehicle. Also, in some countries like India, the insurance companies tie up with the vehicle companies and every customer who wishes to purchase a vehicle has to mandatorily avail the insurance. This is an issue that is of benefit for both, the customers and the insurance company.

The customers get benefitted in two ways. First, they get protection against any uncertain accident that may take place at any point of time. Second, their vehicle may either be replaced or it may be made available for repairs for any damages that occur to the vehicle. Thus, mandatory or not, auto insurance is worthy enough for you and your family, not leaving aside your vehicle.