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Missouri Auto Insurance Quotes

Missouri is in the top half, when one looks at the most expensive states for auto insurance. Therefore it is imperative that those looking for auto insurance, should explore as many opportunities as possible and find the best possible deal. You need to compare the free quotes from top insurance providers to arrive at a decision. Besides knowledge of the rules and regulations in the state as far as auto insurance and minimum limits are concerned, will also help you with your decision making, based on your requirements and your budget. Staying aware of the auto insurance requirements of the Missouri state and the penalties that you could incur, will help you budget better for your auto insurance.

Missouri Financial Responsibility

In Missouri, you are given several options for demonstrating your financial responsibility to the Missouri Department of Revenue.  You can choose to purchase liability insurance on your vehicle, leave a bond or deposit with the Department of Revenue in the amount of $60,000, or file a real estate bond with the Department of Revenue.  Most people choose to purchase liability insurance since coming up with a $60,000 bond represents a hardship for much of the population.  If you do choose to purchase liability insurance, there are minimum coverage requirements you must meet.

For bodily injuries, you must have coverage in the amount of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident.  For property damage, you must carry a minimum of $10,000 in coverage.  These are just the required minimums.  Drivers who need to protect their assets may choose to purchase additional coverage beyond what is required.  Discuss your insurance needs with an agent who can help you select a policy that offers the coverage you desire.

Missouri Proof of Insurance

When a car is registered in Missouri, the owner must sign an affidavit that states that insurance coverage will be maintained during the registration period.  Drivers must also have proof of insurance available so that it can be presented after an accident or during a stop for a traffic violation.  In Missouri, several items are considered acceptable proof of financial responsibility.  They include a current insurance card; a receipt from the insurance company that has your policy number and vehicle description on it; an insurance binder; or a financial responsibility ID card issued by the Driver and Vehicle Services Bureau (this is provided if you filed a bond).  If you do not register your car or your car is an official government vehicle, you are exempt from providing proof of insurance.

Penalties for Lack of Insurance

If you do not have proof of insurance, one of three penalties can be imposed.  You can accumulate four points on your driver's license, be placed under supervision that requires monitoring by the state, or have your license suspended.  If you do not have any insurance, your driver's license will be suspended and you will have to pay reinstatement fees in order to get it back.

How to Save on Missouri Auto Insurance

It is true that there are penalties if you don't possess requisite auto insurance. It is also true that you cannot just stop at liability insurance. You will need more coverage even though the law doesn't mandate it. If you are involved in an unfortunate accident, if the car receives severe damages due to natural disasters like earthquake or a cyclone or even if the car is damaged through an act of vandalism, you will need plenty of compensation to take care of the cost of repair. If you have a loan that is pending, you might want to take care of the repayment too, especially in cases where the car is totaled and hence not worth anything in the market anymore. Therefore, it would be wiser to try and lower the cost of insurance rather than giving up on coverage protection altogether.

One of the best ways to get cheaper auto insurance is by obtaining driving certification either online or in a driving school. This will help you prove your competency on the roads, making you a safer prospect and thus, lowering the odds of making insurance claim. This will ensure that you will get auto insurance at a cheaper rate in Missouri. Auto insurance rates depend on several factors including the state, the state of the roads, the traffic and your driving record. If you can stay clear of traffic violations as well as minor insurance claims every now and then, you would gain more respect from the insurance providers and hence receive cheaper auto insurance rates. Going for a full insurance package that comprises of collision and comprehensive coverage, PIP and no-gap insurance will let you get great value for money.

Traps to avoid with Missouri auto insurance providers

You need to avoid some potential landmines when you are looking for the right auto insurance protection. Auto insurance might look very cheap from the outside but it could be a loss making deal in the long term. A great example is auto insurance protection where the car owner doesn't have the independence to choose the manufacturer parts he or she prefers or the service station of their choice. In other words, insurance providers will offer you the damage cost through replacement parts. However, you would soon find that the parts which weren't made by the recommended manufacturer aren't of the highest quality and hence don't hold up for long. Not only will this incur more expenses in the future, but it will also be potentially dangerous for the car owner. Similarly, a professional service station diagnoses your car and repairs with greater commitment compared to a service station mandated by the insurance provider. A job not well done when it comes to car damage repairs could leave you repenting for the mistake of choosing cheap car insurance over reliable car insurance. Hence fine print is always important when you are purchasing auto insurance from any provider.