Before I purchase a car insurance policy, what is the current average rate for car insurance?


That depends on what state you are currently in. There are just what companies term to as “expensive states” (New Jersey, District of Columbia, New York, Louisiana, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, Michigan and Alaska)  On the other hand; its counterpart, the “least expensive states” (Illinois, South Dakota, Iowa, Arkansas, Vermont, Hawaii, North Dakota, Nebraska and Ohio) is where policy holders are considered to be the luckiest.

Car insurance companies cannot help but “brand” these states. Those that are on the most expensive state list got their reputation by having the most vehicular accidents, the most recorded cases of car thefts, the most reported cases of auto vandalism among other things. As a result, policy holders who come from these areas are paying for more with regards to their policies because there is a high risk that they will be in need of compensation soon.

On the other side of the road, those policy holders located in least expensive states can enjoy worry-free Sunday afternoon drives because they do not have to think about their cars getting stolen on car parks but also because their monthly car insurance bills are not weighing them down.

Rates do not just measure on location. It also does on the type of vehicle a policy holder uses (buy an expensive car and an expensive rate will follow). Not only that, average rates will also depend on the age of the driver and the driver’s driving history. This is to remind every policy holder that their driving history plays a big factor in their current bill.

There are a lot of car insurance companies these days. Before purchasing a policy, a good research is the way to go. Before signing a contract with a company, it is always good to understand their terms and conditions first. Doing so might lower your premium and not to mention the chance to avail of the discounts the company is offering. 

But if you really are after numerals on the average car insurance rate, you might be needing to go online and ask “Google” to supply the information you need. Most companies already have websites so all it is easy to have access and compare rates without the stress of personally visiting these car insurance companies. Just make sure that before doing so, you have already done your part and made sure that you have installed security and safety alarms that will surely lower your premium.