Trenton Auto Insurance in Alabama

Just like in every field, there are a lot of frauds associated with Trenton car insurance too. One has to be very careful while buying Trenton auto insurance coverage in Alabama so they can prevent themselves from falling prey to these Trenton auto insurance scams.

Trenton auto insurance fraud in Alabama

Auto insurance fraud is a huge problem that the country is facing currently. The rise in prices of auto insurance policies can be solely attributed to the widespread prevalence of auto insurance fraud. Unwarranted claims can put the entire company's analysis departments into disarray and when there is no pattern in the sort of people laying a claim, the company has no other option but to increase the prices of all policies in Trenton, Alabama.

The most common type of auto insurance fraud is when the fraudster tries to get you to rear end in to his car. Such fraud is predetermined and the fraudsters will usually have some sort of criminal record if they set out to do something like this. The method employed is that the fraudster pulls up in front of your car at a very high speed on the free way and then suddenly applies his brakes. You will have practically no time to react and will end up ramming in to his car from the back. And for all practical purposes it will seem as if you were the person at fault. And even the law makes it clear that a person who is at the back is the one who is responsible for the accident.

The other type of fraud would be when the fraudster acts as if he is waving you into traffic. And when you accelerate in to the lane, he would ram into your car. And then he would deny having waved you into the lane in the first place. And then there are situations where a lot of people conspire together to milk the insurance policy of a person. The people involved could include lawyers, doctors, and even mechanics. The person with whom you have just had an accident will try to recommend certain lawyers or doctors, in all probability they might over charge you. And all that money will come out of your insurance policy. And your premium will shoot through the roof.

Insurance fraud started out way before cars were invented. It used to happen in the middle ages when the captain would scuttle his ship and claim the money for which it was insured. And even today this is the most common sort of auto insurance fraud. Cars are burnt, or they are left open to be robbed, or sometimes a robbery is arranged in order to claim reimbursement in Trenton, Alabama.

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