New York Approves Online Driving Classes


The state of New York is not new to adult driving classes. In fact, the AAA has been conducting regular drivers’ education courses since the 1970’s. But for the first time, New Yorkers can attend these classes without even stepping inside a classroom.

New York Approves Online Driving ClassesThe state’s DMV has just recently approved several online driving courses for drivers who want to refresh their memories and improve their driving skills. Without leaving the comforts of their homes, motorists can enroll in a class of their liking and even qualify for insurance rate cuts, point reductions, and other benefits.

Industry experts say that the online classes will give New Yorkers the chance to get lower premiums by completing the courses within a given time. Drivers can get up to 10 percent off their car insurance costs by signing up and passing the course.

Kermit Brooks, the state’s Acting Insurance Superintendent, expressed his full support for the courses. In a statement, Brooks said that the accident prevention courses could help make New York roads safer. He also cited the classes as beneficial for many motorists looking to cut costs on their insurance coverage.

Officials at the DMV say that by approving the programs, and making them available to the public, more drivers might be encouraged to participate in the program. State officials have also expressed optimism over the approval of the programs, pointing out that better driver education can lead to fewer traffic accidents caused by reckless driving habits.

At present, motorists can enlist in several programs designed by different companies. The courses were developed in close partnership with the DMV to meet state standards. In addition, students who finish certified courses can also qualify for discounts from their insurance providers.

Once registered, participants can log in to their online classroom and navigate their way behind a virtual steering wheel. Students have to contend with different driving situations and obstacles in order to pass the course. They are given 45 days to finish the entire program to get lower premiums. Drivers who pass the course can also get point reductions on their driving records.

Upon the motorists’ successful completion of the course, the company responsible for maintaining the program will automatically inform insurance providers. Discounts are valid for three years and drivers have to retake the course to avail of continuous discounts in the future.

Experts say that most of the programs cost $50. This amount, they say, is insignificant compared to the thousands of dollars that drivers can save by driving safely.