New Jersey Drivers have been cautioned to drive carefully as schools reopen


19All motor drivers of the state of New Jersey have the responsibility of keeping more than one million school children safe as schools reopen and they resume their classes this month.

School children can remain safe if drivers are more attentive and drive carefully. It also benefits the driver as they do not have to shell out fines and can keep their auto insurance rates low.

The website of the New Jersey department of Education stated that the present number of students who have enrolled in charter, elementary and secondary schools  last year all across the state were about one decimal three seven million. 

The state has over two thousand elementary schools and four hundred and twelve secondary schools. It indicates that no matter where a driver drives in the state the person is likely to face one school or the other.

During the school sessions morning and early afternoon experiences heavy traffic on most of the days as pupils either walk or avail rides. One should not overlook the number of teachers who add to the traffic. The figure is nearly one hundred and thirteen thousand to be precise who work in New Jersey’s school system.

The AAA of New Jersey website had pointed out that motorists have a tendency to overlook children. Children also at times can’t take sound judgments. They often take wrong decisions of dashing in the road or crossing the road at a wrong spots or unsafe spots.

Motor drivers of the state of New Jersey had been reminded by the automotive organization that children lack sound judgment in figuring out traffic conditions and can be distracted which asks drivers to be more cautious while driving their vehicles especially during the school year.

AAA in its campaign of annual school’s open –Drive Carefully has advised motor drivers to keep their headlights on at all time and be extra cautious during bad weather. AAA has also reminded the drivers to stop their vehicles when a school bus passes and they are advised to remain alert while going through parking lots and when driving near parks.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has reminded parents for taking some safety measures to reduce their child’s risks of an accident. The academy has asked the parents to dress up their children in bright colors which is easily visible to motorists

The academy has asked the parents to see to it that in each crossing there are trained crossing guards at every intersection of the route which their child  navigates for going to school.