Auto Insurance consumers of Kentucky should pay heed to their PIP coverage


30It goes without saying that every state needs every driver to have an auto insurance policy and the state of Kentucky can’t be ruled out from this need.

Residents of Kentucky should well be aware of certain facts regarding the state implemented mandatory level of coverage and the intricacies of that coverage before going out to purchase auto insurance.

Like motorists of other states, a Kentuckian seeking a Kentucky car insurance policy will need to buy coverage for liability regarding bodily injury as well as coverage for property damage liability.

These types of insurance policies do not cover damages that the policyholder had incurred in an accident but they settle claims filed by other drivers who themselves or their properties got damaged by the accident caused by the car of the policy holder.

A resident of Kentucky is needed to have a policy for liability coverage which amounts to twenty five thousand dollars for bodily injury of one person; it is fifty thousand dollars for bodily injury for each accident and an amount of ten thousand dollars to cover the property damage. 

Above all this Kentuckian should buy another kind of coverage that is not needed in other states. The state made it mandatory for motorists to have auto insurance coverage for Personal injury Protection (PIP) which has to be at least ten thousand dollars.

PIP, unlike liability coverage is often used to pay for damages suffered by the policy holder. PIP is also known as no-fault coverage.

Under this coverage one gets payments for medical expenses very fast and also receives an amount of two hundred dollars per week for lost wages. One also receives survivor’s benefits and replacement services due to bodily injury which occurred due to the vehicle accident.

A policy holder of the PIP category should keep in mind that by purchasing an insurance coverage of this kind the policy holder is restricted to file a case against the party who is at fault.

So it is apparent .that if a policy holder has PIP coverage as a part of the policy the person can sue the party at fault for pain and other suffering damages and expenses that are not covered by PIP like permanent disfigurement ,broken bone ,medical expenses that got over one thousand dollars, permanent injury or death.

As this policy has this kind of limitations the state of Kentucky‘s insurance department allows the car owners to reject the policy formally.