Customer Satisfaction Causes Gaps Between Direct Insurers and Agencies


CULTRF-00003511-001Auto insurances companies have brought up the customer satisfaction rate by a significant margin in 2009.a study conducted showed that the level of customer satisfaction shook due to low premiums.

The study showed that out of 34 insurers, 18 had improvements increasing from one year to another.

Five factors are measured in determining customer satisfaction with auto insurance agencies. The factors are- payment and bills, claims, prices, offers in policies and interactivity.

The study also shows that the satisfied customers with the auto insurance companies have increased touching 801 on a scale of 1000. This records a 14 point increase from the previous year.

The factor that triggered this increase in satisfaction was pricing which jumped up by 32 points. And almost 42% of the people grinned out a statement regarding a decrease in their premium rates without even shifting to a different insurance agency.

j.d power and associated hint an indication from previous records that about a year after recession started i.e.2001, customer satisfaction reduced significantly as the rates had increased with auto insurance companies. As markets already show a hike in premium rates this year, customer satisfaction simultaneously shows a decline.

Jeremy bowler, working at J.D power and associates as Sr. director of insurance practice says that if the insurers worked upon increasing the quality of the services offered and stop straining competition on prices, customer satisfaction has a good chance of increasing again.

The study says that the customers can be satisfied to an extent if they are informed beforehand about the rise in prices and the policy offers that are available to them.

Insurers belonging to the agency tend to lose their strength in satisfying customers when compared to the direct insurers. Even though the agency insurers do much with interaction, the customer satisfaction touches a slight alteration.

Customers these days search for different ways to change their options of coverage that seem convenient to them says bowler. Most agency insurers still need some touching up to do while the direct insurers have already updated all the necessary information.

A study of insurers showed that Amica mutual insurers rank first in customer satisfaction for the 10th time this year with auto insurers. Second is state farm achieving a good rate in consumer satisfaction? Following them are auto owners, shelter, Erie insurers and country. Manufactures of New Jersey also get earn high points in gaining customer satisfaction.