Humorous Online NY Driving Course to Help Lower Insurance Costs


Apparently in New York, safe driving is something to laugh about.

INGMRF-00088216-001A new online defensive driver education course created in collaboration with a comedy club is making the rounds with interested drivers. Called Improv Aware Driver, the course was designed by the National Point and Insurance Reduction Course and the famous Improv Comedy Club. The online program makes use of humor to impart important safety lessons to motorists.

Drivers need to take the course online and when they finish the program, they can avail of a compulsory 10 percent three-year insurance discount. Aside from the markdown, motorists can also get a four-point deduction on their driving record, a huge boost for drivers who may have incurred points for driving violations. The discount would translate to some $737 in saved cash with the state’s average auto insurance premium standing at $2,456.

According to a study conducted by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the program is one of only a few driving courses in the nation proven to reduce vehicle accidents and driving violations. And it is the first humorous driving program approved by the New York DMV.

The course is consisted of 10 sections which make use of funny videos styled after YouTube. The videos are, of course, supported by useful graphics and informational texts. The program covers a wide range of driving issues like basic traffic regulations to seat belt use and DUIs. Participants can access the course anytime of the day but must finish it in 30 days. By letting drivers log in to the program anytime they want, the course allows them to finish the entire program at their own pace.

When drivers finish the course, they will be mailed a certificate which they can submit to their respective insurance companies. The New York DMV will also be automatically informed of the participant’s completion for their four-point reduction.

The course is open for interested drivers with New York licenses, regardless of their driving records.