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Highlights of modified car insurance


Contemporary fashion has conquered not only architectural, interior, and clothing design, but also the automobile industry. As made popular by a television show a few years ago, modifying a car has become a trend and has captured the imagination of car repair shops and the interest of several car enthusiasts. So, because of this, an addition to the various types of car insurance was made – modified car insurance.

Modified car, what is it?

A modified car is basically a car that has been changed from its original specifications to an “upgraded” one. The reasons for the change can be solely for style purposes or it can be for the enhancement of the vehicle’s performance. The upgrade can be from the car’s original manufacturer or they can be aftermarket parts, the ones that are made by another Car Parts Company customized as to the customer’s specifications.

For style, you will notice that a regular car can be turned into something very stylish and luxurious with the use of technology and modern design. Such as a regular car door that opens sideways, it can be modified to open upward and any other way possible. It can also have televisions and massive speakers built in like some celebrity vehicles.

For performance on the other hand, one can have a faster engine with modification. It can also have better handling because of the enhancements made in the system of the vehicle.

Why is regular car insurance not used for modified cars?

The reason why regular car insurance is not used for modified cars is that it may not meet its special needs. Modified cars have parts that are not commonly found in repair shops. The replacement of a modified car parts is quite a lengthy process, because most of the time, these are not readily made. They need to be ordered, customized and shipped before the repair can start. Another point is that regular car insurance does not have the privilege to provide special coverage for modified cars. This is something only modified car insurance can do. Modified car insurance can have connections to manufacturers of modified parts and that they can provide discounts.

Is modified car insurance more expensive than regular car insurance?

Because of the special attention that modified cars seek, modified car insurance can be considered as more expensive than regular insurance depending on how auto insurance companies evaluate the changes made. If the changes pose as hazards to the safety of the driver then it would result in a very costly modified car insurance premium. But if the changes enhance the vehicle and the driver’s safety, then the modified car insurance premium can be low.