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Protecting Young Drivers with Student Car insurance


Students today, as young as those in high school, can be seen on the road driving themselves to school or going on road trips with friends. Many studies and researches show that the driving population is getting younger as more young drivers are starting to own their first car earlier than ever. As the number of student drivers continues to increase, so does the need to have student car insurance.

As its names implies, student car insurance is a type of car coverage set especially for young, and mostly, students drivers. In certain states, it is illegal to be driving without car insurance. If you are a student driver below the age of 18, and you are caught driving without auto insurance, you can get into a lot of trouble and have your license suspended until your 21st birthday!

Having student car insurance is very important for a student driver. Fortunately, a number of companies and insurance firms offer student auto insurance. You can even go online and have auto insurance immediately. However, the problem arises when you are concerned about your budget and you are looking for affordable car insurance rates.

One of the problems in getting student car insurance is the very steep price of insurance premiums. This is mainly because teenagers, in their young age, do not have real experience driving and are classified as risky drivers. Adult drivers can get cheaper rates if they maintain a good driving record. Student drivers, on the other hand, do not apply to this since they have no driving records in the first place. Not to mention a teenagers tendency to be aggressive, risky, and easily distracted. In most States, majority of the drivers involved in road accidents are under the age of 25 and up; until today, getting car insurance for drivers under 25 remains to be very expensive. Other factors that contribute to expensive student auto insurance premiums include age and model of a car, driver’s address, credit score, amount of time spent driving, and amount of coverage applied for.

Getting competitive rates for student auto insurance is not an easy task. A good tip for young drivers is to spend a lot of time researching companies for the best promos and rates. Another is by being an excellent student and getting better grades. Many insurance companies offer discounts to student drivers if their grade average meets a certain requirement. Enrolling and doing well in driving schools can also help in getting affordable rates. Moreover, depending on the computations of the insurance firm, a good discount can be provided if collision and comprehensive deductibles are set.