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Do your homework and you’ll enjoy lower student car insurance rates


A lot of students who drive a car do not really take too much focus on the need of having a car insurance. There are times when no matter how hard we try to stay out of road or car accidents, it just happens. It might not be your fault but still, it could get you into trouble when you hit the roads without your car being insured. Aside from losing your license, you could get fined, be sent to jail and hurt your credit score that could hurt your future big time; these are the consequences one could suffer from when a driving an uninsured car.

You may have second thoughts having car insurance for it could be an additional expense for you especially now that you still aren’t earning on your own yet. But if only you try to invest some time, you surely will find a car insurance especially designed for student.

The net can bring you to as many car insurance providers. When you talk to a company representative, make sure to give details like your driving pattern and location so they can give you a more accurate quote. If you are too busy, try to have at least four providers in your list for your comparison.

If you really wanted to have cheaper car insurance then you may want to change to a cheaper car. But this will still depend on your location and driving patterns. So better talk this out with your agent and see if changing a car will ‘qualify’ you for a cheaper premium.

As much as possible have your car insured under you parents name. Typically, car insurance providers give discounts or lower premiums on family policies. Student drivers are generally deemed by insurers to be of high risk, thus their premiums are 50-100% higher then those of older age drivers.

There are some insurers who give lower premium rates to students who have maintained good grades in school. When researching for the best insurer, you may ask whether this program is offered by their company. Or you can try to start having defensive driving lesson for chances of landing a good rate.

Having your own car while still in school sure is a great privileged but along with this privilege is a responsibility not only as a safe driver but a wise consumer as well. So be wise in choosing your insurance provider.