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Student car insurance coverage levels


Because students carry more risks when driving, their insurance costs are more expensive than their adult driver counterparts. The costs of student car insurance however, must be balanced with what the student drivers can actually generally afford.

Since not all the students can opt for the expensive car insurance, here are some ways by which student drivers can minimize costs and maximize their money.

There are three ways by which student drivers can save money on their card insurance.

First, you must know the different levels of a student car insurance coverage. Knowing the differences among the Third Party Only, Third Party Fire and Theft, and Comprehensive coverage will help you determine what you need most. The levels of coverage will give you details on what are included in the insurance and this should help you decide if a particular option best suits your needs. Your payment capacity should be considered in relation to the available options of the different coverage levels as well.            

Second, be sure that you do what you can to be entitled a discount on your car insurance policy. While other insurers will ask students to submit required documents showing good academic standing, others will require students to pass qualifying driving tests before they can have reduced costs in purchasing their insurance.

It is important however to realize that when you already successfully got your car insured, then that’s not the end of all the cost-saving efforts. Fact is, even when you’ve bought a car insurance policy for your needs, there are still ways to get discounts like making sure you don’t have any claim on your policy for a period of one year so that it would be easier for you to renew coverage the next time.

Third, know your car very well—its age, components including engine size, and the model. This is because the same factors directly correlate to how much your student car insurance might cost. In general, if you have a car that is smaller in size and less powerful in function and capacity, you can expect your policy to be less expensive.

If you don’t have a car yet and you plan to buy insurance as soon as you have your own, you may opt for cars that are clustered under the category of the low car insurance group. This way, you not only save money on the car you buy but you also make sure that once you have your own, the insurance policy is priced just right for that car.