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Drive safely to college and back with student car insurance


Every college student dreams of making an impression at college by driving down in a red sports car. For many this might be impossible, but you can still buy your college kid a car and appropriate car insurance.

Car coverage is of two types—comprehensive and third party. The former covers everything right from small dents to large accident claims or even theft. It also includes medical expenses you might have to defray at the time of an accident.

Third party coverage pays for all the expenses caused due to a student’s car being damaged by a third party. It’s best that a student goes in for both comprehensive coverage and third party coverage.

When checking out competitive student car insurance rates, ensure that these factors are included:


If your son or daughter is embroiled in an accident, ensure that coverage for damage to the car is included. This experience is sure to make your child nervous and scared for a while, but if they drive an insured car, they might be initially shaken but will be able to devote their attention to their studies without loss of time.

Personal injury

Accidents can cause serious bodily injuries that require medical attention. For this reason, it’s important that a necessary component of the student car insurance of college-going drivers be personal injury compensation.

Third party liability

In the event that your college-going child damages someone else’s car or property, he will need to have some protection under third party liability. This is possible if his student car insurance contains this feature too.


Cars can also be stolen. However, a good car insurance policy that includes danger from theft can go a long way to help retrieve the stolen car.

Everyone knows that student car insurance is expensive, so they look for ways of reducing their insurance costs. There are several ways students can save money on car insurance. Some of them are: by being good students, by being good drivers, by buying a used car and by adding on their names to their parents’ car insurance policies. Also, if students offer to car pool with their peers, it helps to get them cheaper insurance. If they can prove that they drive under 20 miles to school and back home, they could save a lot of money on student car insurance.