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Lower the premiums for student car insurance with these simple tips


Student car insurance could be a heavy burden especially if you are paying the premium out of your own pocket money. Even for parents, student car insurance could be an expensive item on the budget especially if the student is in his early twenties or late teens. This is because a lot of auto insurance providers, put teens and students in their early twenties, in the high risk groups. A large number of teens are involved in road accidents. This is because teens are prone to distraction from their friends as they usually travel together. Similarly teens are also habituated to texting on the phone while driving. There are some ways in which it is possible to lower the student car insurance to an affordable level.

Students with good grades in college usually tend to get lower auto insurance premiums compared to students who don’t have excellent grades. This is because auto insurance providers perceive students with excellent grades as mature and less reckless while driving on the roads. So the easiest way for a student to get an auto insurance discount and lower the insurance premium is to get good grades at college. A decent credit history will also help the cause, especially if a student owns a credit card. Those who don’t pay their bills on time usually end up with poor credit scores. This doesn’t help their cause in lowering auto insurance premium either.

It is also possible to get student car insurance if one can combine the auto insurance with that of others in the family. For example, if the parents own auto insurance of their own or have a house or health insurance, then it is possible to combine the student car insurance with the same. This is because by doing so you are increasing the business for the insurance company and are becoming its preferred customer. As a result you can expect lower rates from the auto insurance provider.

There are some special discounts for students who install mileage measuring gadgets in their cars. These gadgets provided by the auto insurance providers detect the driving patterns of the students as well in order to infer the level of risk involved. The auto insurance premium could then be decided based on the safety associated with a particular student driver. So the safer you drive, the lower your auto insurance premium could be as you pose very little risk to the insurance provider in terms of claims.