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Top reasons for high premium rates for student insurance policies


Student drivers are usually on the learning curve when it comes to driving, so naturally buying auto insurance for student drivers is very tricky. Auto insurance quotes are decided upon many factors and age group of the driver is one of them. Insurance premium rates for drivers above the age of 50 years and for teen and student drivers are high, due to some statistics that the insurance companies follow, in order to fix the premium rates. Some of the reasons of the high premium rates for student drivers are listed below:

  • Young drivers are more inclined to fast cars and fancy models which, according to the insurance companies, are less safe in roads. Sports cars and high pickup vehicles are usually prone to accidents on roads according to the statistics that the insurance companies refer to, which is the reason for the high premium rates. Buying a safer car complete with all safety equipment can successfully decrease the premium rates. Insurance companies have a list of cars that they consider safe, and fix their premium rates accordingly.
  • Young drivers are more experimental when it comes to their driving. They are not as experienced as the other drivers and insurance companies consider this one of the reasons to increase the premium rates. Taking defensive driving lessons and producing the certificate at the time of requesting the quote will help them reduce the premium rates.
  • It takes time for teenagers to have a clean driving record. Cleaner driving records for over a period of time will help reducing premium rates. But since teenage drivers are new at driving they do not have the license for a long time before they insure their cars. Moreover, it is more common for student drivers to get one or two traffic tickets when they are in the learning stage of driving, which can increase the premium rates. Getting the driver’s license before buying the car and having a clean record for some time certainly will help in reducing the premium rates.
  • The density of teen drivers and student drivers are high around the city, and that adds up to the increased premium rates. City roads and highways are more unsafe than other roads, and because student drivers are inexperienced, they are charged higher rates if their common driving route is around the city.

Choosing the right amount of coverage is more important when it comes to student drivers, since they are less experienced than others. Skimping on the insurance because of the premium rates can prove far more costly than a slightly high premium rates.