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How high student car insurance rates can be lowered


Highest rates pertaining to student’s auto insurance cover is available across insurance companies. Since drivers below the age of 25 years are regarded as high-risk takers therefore their car’s insurance costs more. To obtain lower premium rates the best place to shop is the Internet. You may find a few insurance companies offering discounts. You can even obtain free quotes for your need of adequate coverage. Discounts on student’s auto insurance is applicable when the student’s driving record is in good shape, the driving training has been passed with flying colours, and accident prevention course has been attended.

Discount Types Explained:

If you have a minimum of 3 years driving experience with traffic violations not crossing over 2 and no citations for drunk driving in 7 years has been recorded, you stand a strong chance to obtain Good Driver Discount. This discount is based on the applicant’s grade point average, i.e. the discount is valid for the insured that holds a B grade point average or higher.

If you have undergone a certified training course for driving you may avail Driver's Training discount.

Distant student's discount depends on the residence distance. If the insured resides 100 miles away from home without the vehicle, he/she is liable for this attractive discount.

Students who have undertaken an accident prevention course from the Department of Motor Vehicles are legible to receive Accident Prevention Discount.

Any discount that you may think of availing you require a proof in the form of certificate to support your intentions.

Add-on Discounts:

On top of the above mentioned discounts, students can also avail greater discounts if car safety measures are incorporated as well. These safety tips include installation of anti-theft device, active disabling device, anti-lock brake system, seat belts, shoulder restraints, alarm and air bags.

The alarm must include a manual turn-off feature which can be heard 300 feet away from the vehicle for approximately 3 minutes.

In the event of an attempted theft active disabling device disables the battery or ignition.

Multi-automobile discount is offered by the insurer when you register every vehicle owned by you in the policy. However, the applicable premium rates are likely to be higher for this class.

Other factors affecting student’s insurance:

Deductibles, coverage amounts and types of insurance covers decide the premium rates as well. Collision and comprehensive coverage offers a complete coverage to the vehicle, consequently they are expensive. However, requesting higher deductibles will certainly lower the interest rates.