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Driving to College? You Need a Substantial Auto Insurance Cover


Students going on to universities and colleges will often need to but themselves a car to get around. They do need a trustworthy vehicle that they can depend on. This way they will have more time to study. Otherwise they will end up wondering how to get from place to place. This will ensure adequate support to the student while using it.

Which insurance company to sign up with

There are hundreds of auto insurance companies that offer deals for students. But, it is always better to stick to reputed insurance providers. They have acquired their dependable reputation due to their efficiency.

Does the policy contain a clause for car theft

Universities are often located in out-of-the-way locations. Car thefts are very common in campuses due to thieves, as well as, due to simmering jealousies. Unless the auto insurance policy covers car theft, the money might be lost forever.

What happens in case of an accident

The accident must be immediately reported to the insurance company. Damages to any car means sky-rocketing bills. Let your auto insurance handle it. Students are often new to driving and accidents do happen more often on college campuses. If the student is not covered, the ensuing damages might even adversely impact his education.

Does the auto insurance cover personal injury

Accidents most likely involve injuries. Your child could suffer minor or serious injuries. In such cases, the medical attention could vary from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Your child could also require hospitalization.

What is third party liability

This clause protects your child when the car has damaged someone’s property or injured someone else. Driving into a fence, damaging someone else’s car or hitting someone else are all covered under auto insurance third party liability.

What about the cost of student auto insurance

There are many companies that offer unbelievably cheap auto insurance. For students, money is often the most important factor that decides which insurance they buy. But this is not always the best way to purchase auto insurance. The cheapest policies may not cover important areas. Students are often young, immature and reckless when they drive. They must be covered by a sound auto insurance policy that will guarantee their protection in cases of accidents or thefts. Good driving records help in getting better auto insurance rates.