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What You Did Not Know About Modified Car Insurance


For some people, the moment they get their hands on a car, first thing they think of is how to customize it. A desire to buy a set of new rims, tires, a custom paint job, spoilers and such others to convert your stock vehicle to a high-end tuner is quite irresistible. Suddenly, you think about insurance.

A lot of people fall into this dilemma, especially when they have already spent a lot of money to fix their vehicle. Although it may be something worth bragging about at times, it usually spells disaster when trying to acquire a modified car insurance policy. This is because heavily modifying a vehicle brings about a lot of disadvantages besides the obvious benefits and credibility. First, lose your warranty on most accessories that come with it. Second, insurers will surely see your ride as having an increased risk. Third, you might just have voided an indemnity contract you got from a dealer because you changed some parts. Remember, because you made your ride more capable, you may have given it a lot more risk.

Modified car insurance is hard to get with your regular vehicle insurers. Worse, you might not be able to get insured at all. Let us face it. Insurance companies do not like to take risks. If you are a hardcore street racer with a highly customized tuner, forget about getting insurance.

It is not the end of the road, however. There are still providers who can cover you. Check out dealers who include in their sales packages certain upgrades or modifications. There is a very good chance that they also offer modified car insurance.

Although, this also does not mean that you cannot get insurance from usual companies. Yes, by modifying your ride, you might just have created a bigger risk for theft, accidents, or loss. It may be harder to get a quote from an agent, but it is not impossible. Just prove to them that despite the risks involved with it, those risks can be minimized or avoided totally. Do this by maintaining a reliable car security and safety system, such as a secured garage, car alarm system, car and passenger safety accessories, and improved vehicle performance that will surely help avoid road mishaps. Moreover, be prepared because during your interview, you will most likely get placed on the hot seat before getting a quote. Just remember that all you have to do is to put the agent at ease and to convince him that there are no high risks involved. In no time, you will get modified car insurance.