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Car Insurance for Women: Empowering the Female Driver


As years passed, more and more insurance companies started offering car insurance for women. The number of female drivers has been continuing to go up, thus increasing the market for female car insurance. The policies of car insurance for women are specifically designed to cater to female drivers. Together with the same regular auto policies, policies for women car coverage include female-friendly policies. For example, firms offer handbag insurance – a type of coverage intended to protect the policyholder’s handbag and all of its contents if it were stolen inside the car while driving. Some insurance companies even go that extra mile and spend extra attention to their female policyholders.

Aside from giving more value to its coverage, car insurance for women also offer extra services. Insurance companies who offer vehicle insurance for females have a line of special services including a women breakdown recovery service and a 24-hour emergency helpline. The women breakdown recovery service will not only compensate for damages caused by the car breakdown, but will also find the exact location of the car and will send needed rescue. Its 24-hour emergency helpline poses another added feature, allowing female drivers to seek assistance anytime of the day. Moreover, some policies of women’s car insurance include coverage for overnight accommodation in the event that a vehicle breaks down in an isolated area.

Getting car insurance for women is very beneficial. Not only do coverage companies offer value added features and services, premium rates for women’s car insurance are significantly lower compared to the rates of regular auto insurance. Studies have shown that male drivers have a higher tendency to be involved in road accidents and traffic offenses; as a result, they have more claims. Female drivers on the other hand are a lot gentler and extra careful when it comes to driving. Female drivers have fewer claims and are considered as low risk drivers, making it a lot easier to get a good deal for women’s car insurance.

Having women’s car insurance can also be a great help when it comes to savings because of the “Insured and Partner” policy. This policy allows female drivers to insure and protect their partners together with them by making extra payments on the insurance premium. Some couples wherein the female knows how to drive get women’s car insurance and simply opt for the Insured and Partner policy.

Indeed, car insurance for ladies does pose a lot of advantages for the female driver. Rates are lower and special policies and services add more value to the car insure.