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Why car insurance for women is cheaper than men’s


In comparison, car insurance for women is significantly cheaper than men’s car insurance because of statistics. Auto insurance companies do not base the evaluation of their rates solely on the gender of a person but on the studies that are attached to these genders. Most people would think that women drivers are more prone to accidents because of their inexperience. There is this stereotypical notion about women drivers that drives men to think that they are not safe drivers and they do not have the right skills to handle the vehicle right as well as traffic regulations. Well, according to studies, men are more prone to accidents, major ones. There are more male drivers killed in a car accident each year and it has something to do with them being male.

Male drivers tend to be more aggressive on the road. And with their hostile behavior follows recklessness that result to clashes with other drivers on the road and eventually lead to a car accident. Women on the other hand avoid aggression and statistics support this fact. On the road, women are less likely to rant and curse at other drivers when they drive slowly or they made a wrong turn. Most often than not, they will only feel frustrated and move on. Another reason why car insurance for women is cheaper than men’s is because they are actually safer drivers than men. Most of them make sure that they wear their seatbelts unlike men who neglect this safety device. According to statistics, half of the reported car accidents that resulted in death were because of drivers not wearing their seatbelts. For auto insurance companies, they want to make sure that their policyholders are able to take care of themselves on the road and this includes wearing a seatbelt.

Studies also show that from the driving records of men, they have a higher number of recorded violations than women. With this, it gives auto insurance companies get the impression that men are rule breakers and have the tendency to be reckless and involve themselves in car accidents thus making their auto insurance rate a bit higher than women’s. In contrary to typical notions about the female gender and driving, there are evidences that show that they are in fact safe drivers. They drive not too fast and not too slow, just the right speed. They also know their skill limitations when it comes to driving. They know if they can take on the freeway or not. And because of this attitude on the road, they are given cheaper car insurance.