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Cheaper auto insurance rates for women


Auto insurance rates are generally cheaper for the woman driver due a number of reasons. Men don’t have very high regards for a woman driver and they generally scorn at women drivers. While men may think that women drivers have bad driving skills, women on the other hand simply disagree with these opinions. In fact, this kind of an opinion can be really annoying. It is annoying because it is far from the truth.

There are a lot of studies that have been conducted and a lot of statistics that are available that goes to show that it is the male drivers who mostly get involved in accidents when compared to the female drivers. Female drivers are far more careful and they are also much safer drivers. Statistics show that at least 80-95% of the car accidents or auto related accidents are all caused by men and not women. Women drivers not only cause fewer accidents but cause lesser injuries and deaths. Even the property damage that is caused by women is much lesser.

Statistics also show that women are also not involved in so many motor crimes when compared to men. Even when it comes to passing the driving exam, they manage to clear them in one go. Due to all of these factors women are considered to be better drivers than men.

The only explanation that could be given is that women are generally more cautious than men. They are never reckless with their driving and not very many women drink and drive. Women don’t feel the need to be assertive by just over speeding. For them a car is just a means of transport to get them from one place to another. Hence they don’t have a tendency to show off in any way.

Since women are such safe drivers, they cause lesser accidents. Since they cause lesser accidents there are fewer claims with their insurers. So, insurers find women motorists extremely advantageous and insurers tend to offer a lot of special deals for women. Insurers are more confident with the women drivers and are always more than willing to offer discounts and special offers.

Cheap auto insurance is a sort of a reward that the insurers offer the women drivers. This is also some sort of an incentive for the poor drivers to hone their skills. Now, women can cut their insurance costs because they are prudential drivers. But women must shop around and look for any hidden charges before signing up.