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The feminine side of car insurance


Car insurance, which is designed specifically for women, has features that are not found in other ordinary car insurance. They have extra special features that are beneficial to their female insurance holders. With this kind of insurance, women are assured that they can have bigger bonuses or rewards when they do not report or file for a claim in a certain period of time. This might be because people tend to think that women drivers get into more vehicular accidents than men do.

When a woman was involved in an accident and their car needs to be sent to an auto repair shop for a few days to get the maximum repair, then insurance company provides a courtesy car to the woman member. This car can be used by the woman just until her car starts working again. Then the courtesy car can be returned when their car is already done with repairs and can now be used. Please do make sure that you learn from past accidents.

In cases when a car gets stolen or if any content is stolen from inside the car, women’s car insurance provides a cover for the member’s handbag. This is applied if ever a woman’s bag is stolen or damaged during an accident or a case of burglary. This would, of course, be difficult to determine but this feature is already being offered.

Women are also provided with a counseling service which is free of charge. This service will help provide help if ever their women members come across a certain issue on the road. They provide free help and advices for the convenience of their female insurance card holders.

Auto repair companies have guidelines on how to work effectively with women drivers. This will provide convenience to both driver and mechanic. It helps prevent discrimination. Women get as much attention as men.

A breakdown of all covers is offered and can be requested by members if they need it. Motoring legal protection is also offered to women drivers who have car insurances designed for women. Women should not be afraid to ask around when shopping for an insurance company and you have to make sure you understand all there is to know about car insurance for women. You should also be careful about vehicular accidents to avoid reporting claims for as much as possible. Having no reports for a long period of time will look good on an insurance report.