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Car Insurance for Women – The Safe Drivers


A lot of people believe that women drivers are not as skilled as male drivers hence are more prone to be involved in accidents than men. However, data and statistics tell a different tale. Auto insurance companies generally provide car insurance for women at lower rates than usual. The reason for this is that studies show that women drivers drive more safely and are less prone to accidents which means that the car insurance claims coming from women drivers would be much less as compared to the claims from male drivers.

The reason for cheaper car insurance for women drivers:

Car insurance providers provide insurance after a lot of in depth study and on the basis of facts and figures. Whatever may popular belief be according to the statistics of car insurance providers it is a fact that women are safer drivers and that they tend to be involved in fewer accidents than their male counterparts. Apart from this there are a lot of other facts that auto insurance companies consider while providing insurance cover for women drivers. It is a fact that women drivers are more particular towards following traffic rules which means that even if they are involved in an accident then the fault may not be theirs. This also means that since both parts may not have equal footing in an accident, the magnitude of the accident may also be small in most cases.

While providing car insurance for women, the type of car is also considered and it is often seen that women do not opt to drive a sports car or a luxury car which means that the women drivers may not be expected to exceed any road speed limits hence cutting down the risk of accidents. Since women are known to follow all traffic rules religiously they are more likely to receive their driver’s license at most times in the first try. These are the most important criteria that auto insurance companies consider while providing car insurance for women.

Though auto insurance companies are never gender biased the companies always take facts into consideration and since the track record of women drivers has been more impressive then male drivers it has become a common trend among car insurance providers that car insurance for women is provided at cheaper rates than the male drivers may have to pay.