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Deciding factors in calculating car insurance for women


Numerous key factors play a vital role in settling upon the premium rates for drivers intending to purchase auto insurance. Factors like car make and model, driving record, credit history, residence address, age and gender help the insurance companies arrive at the insurance premium figures. Typically, insurance rates are high for college students and senior drivers because they are believed to pose severe driving risks while on road. On the contrary, women drivers obtain discounted insurance rates on their automobiles as compared to their male counterparts.

Why such discrepancy? Are women drivers discriminated?

The variation in the premium rates is dependent on the proven statistics. Over the years, insurance companies have discovered that women are averse to risky driving and hence are considered the safest driving group. Women drivers are safe drivers because of the following reasons:

  • They are highly disinclined to break the traffic rules, and therefore are the safest drivers.
  • The statistics of the insurance companies indicate that the driving records of women reflect only mild levels of traffic offenses.
  • Further, the records indicate that women drivers stick by the book of traffic rules and are hesitant to experiment with the driving techniques. Therefore, they are less likely to make mistakes and be involved in serious car accidents. Speeding on the roads is usually not their speciality and therefore they make a safer bet for the insurance companies.
  • Statistics reveal that women buy cars that are safer on the roads. Safer car models indicate safer driving on the roads. Subsequently, women drivers qualify for add-on discounts and benefits on explicit car models.
  • Regular maintenance of the automobile plays a vital role in obtaining a good automobile insurance coverage. It has been found that women drivers are more prompt with their car maintenance, which contributes significantly to reduced premium rates.

Premium rates:

Since women are safer drivers and are involved in fewer accidents, therefore the chances of filing an insurance claim are equally low. Subsequently, insurers perceive women drivers highly advantageous to their business. Insurance companies are more optimistic with the women motorists and are always eager to offer special deals, offers and discounts.

Even though the insurance premium may not be sky rocketing, yet it is always better to shop meticulously to obtain better deals. Statistics indicate a general consensus that women drivers are safer bet on the roads, yet the individual driving records settles upon the premium amounts. Therefore, if a women driver has more traffic violations to her driving records she is bound to pay higher premium rates as compared to male drivers with a better driving record in the same age group.