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Is there gender discrimination with car insurance policies?


There are several factors influencing auto insurance rate. For instance the place where you intend to drive the car matters. Since big cities can be accident prone areas insuring a car here will be a lot expensive than driving your car in safer roads like in rural places. The car type also is a factor. Expensive cars, especially the thieves-attracting models will make your auto insurance rate higher. The higher the value of the car the more risky it can be. How often you will be driving your car will also matter and the rule says the lesser you drive the lesser the risk you post to your insurance company; hence, the lower your rate could be. The features of your car can also influence the rate of the policy you will get. The more safety devices like airbags installed in your car the better is your chance to get friendly rate.

Your driving record and credit history are also factors. Depending on your performance behind the wheel your rate could either go higher or lower. Your financial responsibility mirrored by your credit history will also be considered to know what rate you will get.

Among the factors that can directly influence your auto insurance policy rate, the most controversial happens to be gender. According to some, the use of gender in deciding how much to charge one for his/her auto insurance protection is nothing but a form of discrimination in which the benefited party is the feminine side.

Generally women pay lesser than men when it comes to auto insurance coverage however we have to be reminded that gender per se is not the sole consideration justifying the women to be the privilege group. Women receive lower auto insurance rate because they wear high heels and make up. It is statistics that started everything. Since auto insurance companies are primarily making use of risk assessment in their operations they weigh factors always in accordance with what the studies and researches have found out about their risk level. Men are found to be more risky than women when it comes to driving and this is the reason why they receive higher rate.

The use of gender in appropriating auto insurance rate to consumers is not about one being male or a female rather it is a matter of who is risky and who is not.  Even when you’re a female and you are involved in several accidents, then you can expect to pay higher premiums.