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What steps you need to take after an accident


If there is a kind of service that we might not want to test first hand then maybe it is the auto insurance. To be able to try how your auto insurance provider settles claims you must first be involved in an accident, which of course is not a good scene at all.  No one wants to experience an accident, but unfortunately, this is not something we cannot predict, so it is still best to be prepared and get coverage (not to mention the fact that it is also against the law to drive without auto insurance).

Whether it is a major or just a minor car accident being involved in such unpleasant scenario is not just psychologically traumatic but also financially distressing. Nonetheless, in case it happens, your auto insurance policy will need to serve its purpose so you should also know what to do.

First you must have a check on the damages your car had and any bodily injury you may have incurred from the accident. Take some time to check on the other party’s damages as well. If the damages are too minor that you think you can handle without filing a claim, do so. Filing a claim can possibly make your auto insurance rate even higher especially if you caused the accident.

Next, you and the other party should exchange information like name, contact numbers and auto insurance provider’s information. Find possible witnesses and get their contact information as well. Then inform your insurance provider about what happened. This time you will realize the importance of insurance companies with 24 hours customer service because regardless of the time the accident occurred, you can report it immediately to your provider. You will be asked to narrate what happened exactly and make sure that you will tell the same exact story when asked to do so the second time around.       

Then you will be asked to file a claim. Expect an adjuster to be sent to investigate and check on the damages that the accident caused. Also your medical expenses will be analyzed by the adjuster so be well prepared with any supporting document necessary.

When the investigation is over you will be offered an amount to cover repairs done to your car or its present value in case your car was totaled and your medical expenses will be reimbursed. When the amount they offer is not appealing to you and you think you deserve something higher you can always file a demand letter and soon negotiate with your auto insurance provider.

If reasonable enough do not take the very first offer of the adjuster and keep in mind that the adjuster is not working for your interest rather he is paid to save money for the company.