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The basics of auto insurance for women


Though women may cry out loud for unfair treatment to them as compared to men in most of the scenarios, including at the workplace, there is one aspect they are not complaining about. Auto insurance providers offers privileges to female drivers that are not offered to male drivers, thereby making auto insurance premiums cheaper for women as compared to men.  It is not uncommon to see men using the term ‘women drivers’ in irritation while driving on roads. Though men may not like this fact, women are indeed much safer drivers as compared to men. There are statistics that stand to prove this fact, which is the main reason for auto insurance providers to give preference to women drivers. There are a number of factors such as the age, the driving experience, credit history and grades that impact the overall cost of the auto insurance premium, but the role of gender cannot be overlooked.

The adrenaline rush noticed in most men when they drive is evident and this is considered to be one of the leading causes of road accidents. Also, the incidents of men driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are higher as compared to women. This is again a trigger for road accidents. While most men do not think about their family or loved ones much when they are at the wheel, this is not the case in terms of women. Women drivers, despite being preoccupied, have a sense of responsibility lingering on their shoulders all time, thereby making them drive cautiously.

However, this does not imply that women are careful always. It is true that currently there is a significant amount of difference in the premiums being offered to women as compared to the same policies for men. But, this gap seems to bridging soon. According to the some of the latest statistical reports, though the number of accidents due to female drivers stood at 14% the number of accidents caused by men reduced by 11% though it was still on the higher side. This is evidence to the fact that men are gradually becoming more careful while at the wheel.  It will surely take time for men to be as cautious as the women, but they are giving it a try.

Though this narrow gap is sure to bridge in the future, as of now, women can still continue to reap benefits. They are eligible for higher discounts if they are able to display a credible driving history and credit report, in addition to other relevant documents needed.