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Key facts about car accident insurance claim


Car accident insurance is needed to protect us and offer the much needed coverage during times like this. As the number of car crashes and fatalities increase every year, car insurance becomes absolutely necessary. If you are lucky, you may just get away with some minor damage to your vehicle or escape serious injuries. However, there are times when things can take an ugly turn. For instance, if there is a life-altering event then you must know how to proceed with the insurance claim.

Things to do while you are still at the accident site:

  • Medical aid – You must seek medical help immediately especially if you are hurt or if any of the fellow passengers are hurt. Check to see if the vehicle is in a condition where it could be moved, then pull out the vehicle from the middle of the road and bring it to the side. When you are in a state of shock you may not even realize that you may be injured or you may not fully understand the seriousness of the injury.
  • Gather information – Try and gather information or get someone to do it for you. Gather the names of a few witnesses or other motorists if you can. Get their contact information, insurance information, vehicle identification number, etc. This will be needed at a later stage.
  • Click pictures – Take some pictures at the accident site if you have a camera on your cell phone. Ensure that you have pictures of the injured people in your vehicle as well as yours in case you are injured.
  • Intimate the police – If the accident involves a lot of damages or if people are hurt, then call the police immediately and file the accident report. Keep the documentation with you at all times. Carry a photocopy of all the relevant documents as this would be useful for future references.

After you have taken care of these things, contact your auto insurance company immediately and give the relevant details of the accident.Be very honest as it doesn’t help to make dishonest statements. This may go against you and you may be denied your claim. Give a written statement regarding the details of the accident. Try and support your claim with some evidence. Include the cause of crash while you prepare your statement. Make a catalog of injuries and include damage to property etc.Keep the bills as you may need to submit them to the insurance company.