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Key facts you must know about car accident insurance


With bombardment of vehicles on the road, everyday, car accidents are a common sight. If you are fortunate you may get away with minor injuries, but what if things turn ugly? In such scenarios car accident insurance plays a vital role. It offers the required coverage during such stressful times.

What to do while still at the accident site?

Seek immediate medical assistance. You can either dial 911or call your doctor for help. Check the condition of damaged vehicle and try to pull it off the road. You may be in a state of shock and hence do not realize that you’re injured. Therefore, wait calmly for help.

Try to gather names, vehicle identification number and insurance information of any witnesses or other motorists. This information will be useful at a later stage when filing auto insurance claim.

If you have a cellular phone with camera, click pictures of the accident site, damaged vehicle and injured passengers including you.

Inform the police immediately if the accident is serious and involves severe damages and injuries to the vehicle and people. File First Information Report (FIR) with the police immediately describing how the accident occurred. You must keep this documentation and carry a copy of the important documents when filing the claim.

Contacting Insurance Company:

Upon completing these formalities and receiving medical aid, contact your auto insurance company and provide them with relevant accident details. It is best to be honest as lying can go against you and you may be denied claim. It may even have legal repercussions. A written statement filled with the accident details is held valid. You can strengthen your claim by supporting the documents with evidence. The cause of accident must be clearly mentioned in the document. Further, create a catalogue of injuries to self and passengers and damage to the vehicle. Maintain the original copy of the expenses, as you would be required to submit the bills to your insurer when you file your car accident claim.

Finding suitable accidental cover:

The market is flooded with insurance vendors, each offering varied discounts and benefits. Some insurers’ service specialized groups, while others, provide coverage to a broad category of people.

When shopping for car accidental insurance cover you must know your priorities and the budget you are willing to spend.

Realizing the specifics of every brand of car insurance will help you make an informed decision.