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Some simple rules to follow while filing a car insurance claim


With the number of vehicles that clog our roads we must be mentally prepared to file auto insurance claim sooner or later – it is just a matter of time before you may file for one.

In most of the auto insurance claims, personal injury is never the problem. Though the personal injury claims don’t require so much of proof, it is the damage to vehicle that needs more proof. Although, the insurance regulations vary from one state to another the basic steps that are required to make a claim is somewhat similar.

In the event of an accident, you make a claim and the adjuster comes and does an estimation of the cost or the cost of repair. You will get a check from the insurance company for that particular amount which you may use to pay towards the repairs.

All insurance companies will require some proof of damage or proof of injury before they will agree to pay. There are 5 elements of proof that is very essential when you make an auto insurance claim such as:

  • A police report
  • Eye witness accounts and physical damage at the accident site
  • What you tell your insurers
  • What the opposite party tells the insurers

Things you must do immediately after the accident:

  • If there is a serious injury call 911 but if the injury is not serious call for some medical attention and call the police directly as you will need the police report.
  • Obtain all the contact information, insurance information, license plate numbers etc. The insurance identification card will contain all the relevant information. Obtain the phone numbers of the opposite party.
  • Gather some evidence in the form of witnesses who would be willing to tell what they actually saw. If you cannot gather this bit of information a police report should be used as a backup source.
  • Call the insurance company immediately.
  • If the opposite party is at fault, you must pursue the claim through your carrier but you can seek reimbursement for other costs that your insurer will not pay.
  • You may have to give your version of the accident to the opposite party’s insurer.
  • The adjuster will come and do the cost estimation (repair costs) after inspection of the vehicle.
  • You may use arbitration if you feel that the estimate to cover the repairs is too low. If disputes are not resolved then you may have to take legal action.