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Dealing with car insurance claims when you are the victim


When we are involved in a car accident, we know if we are the ones at fault or not. In cases where we are the victims, it is only reasonable for us to demand that the other party cover any damages to our vehicle, any injuries, as well as pain and suffering. So, how can we make sure that as victims we are well taken care of?

First, we need to assess how bad the accident is. We need to check on injuries to our party as well as damages to the vehicle. If there are no serious injuries, we need to call the police so they can investigate on what happened and make a police report. Next, we need to coordinate with the other party so we can determine whether they have auto insurance or not. If they do have auto insurance, we need to make sure that they have our information to be forwarded to their auto insurance companies. Because when filing a car insurance claim that needs to cover other people, the company needs to know what our name is, what number to contact us at, as well as our vehicle type for them to be able to coordinate with us, make further investigations, and evaluate the amount that they can provide us. Of course, we also need to take their information in case of problems; we know where to reach them.

If we haven’t heard from the other auto insurance company regarding the claim, we need to make a follow up call with their representative to discuss the process and what needs to be done to get it going. We should not be impatient. Although we are the ones who were aggravated, we should understand that there is a process that they follow. In coordinating with their representatives, we should maintain professionalism. Being polite in our persistence makes it an easier process.

To help the other auto insurance company on their investigation, provide them a list of other things that were damaged in the accident. If with the impact your bags were destroyed, your cell phone crushed, your laptop cut in half, and it is good that you inform them of this because they can include it in the car insurance claim. It is also advisable that you emphasize to them that the damage is not only physical but also emotional. If you were not able to go to work because of the accident, you can also inform them of this too because the income that you lost that day, they can also include in the car insurance claim.