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Affordable Student Car Insurance


Those who attend the university and drive their own cars are relatively considered high-risk by insurance companies. The reason is because of their age and the fact that they have slim and limited driving experience. Young age is considered risky because based on records; new drivers tend to become reckless and are more prone to accidents. However, it is still possible to find an affordable student car insurance.

There are ways in acquiring a student car insurance that you can easily afford. Part of your homework is to ask for quotes from different insurance companies. You can either contact your family’s agent or get quoted via the internet. There are available sites which are user-friendly and are able to return different offers for you. The idea is to be able to compare and find the perfect coverage. Some insurers give special considerations to students who consistently get good grades. These students are deemed responsible and discounts may apply. The car you drive is also a factor. If you are driving an expensive sports car, your premium may also rise because there is a higher risk that thieves will be after your vehicle. Consider getting a basic, low maintenance car instead, but be sure that safety features are sufficient.

For others, to save on student car insurance premiums, they piggy ride on their parents’ existing policies. They opt to keep the car registered under their parents’ name. This covers the student at a minimum cost versus having a separate coverage where the rate is about 50% or more than the regular car insurance. If you study away from your home and your school is an area where transportation is good and efficient, then you might want to consider leaving the car at home and use your vehicle only during breaks. This will change your classification to just an occasional driver. Keep in mind also that insurance companies consider the location of both your school and home. For instance, if you live in a rural area and attend university in the city, chances are your premium (because of the risks) will increase. In this case, it is best to analyze whether you really need to drive your car or not.

It is always best to be kept informed. You may find that pieces of information are readily available. You will find it amazing that when getting student car insurance, companies really consider your classification and qualifications. Keep a clean record, stay good in school, and maintain a very good credit score. These things will ultimately help you get cheaper premiums.