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Do You Need High Risk Auto Insurance?


High risk auto insurance is an insurance policy for drivers considered as “high risk.” While many drivers have near perfect driving records, others falter in this area. Thus, how do you know if you are high risk driver? The following is a list of some factors that can make you receive a high-risk profile:

Age is one of the major factors. Newly-licensed or young drivers pay more for insurance. The same thing goes for the elderly drivers. They are considered high risk drivers because their senses and motor skills may have been damage by old age. This is not to mention the loss of memory that older people might experience at this stage in life.

While some insurers will consider you as "high risk" if you are 70 years old or older, many others will consider you as an experienced driver who deserves an auto insurance policy that is within your means. Likewise, if you are 20 years old or younger, some insurers will consider you as "high risk;" others may believe that you are a driver who deserves a fair high risk auto insurance quote.

Take heart, many car insurance providers will not penalize you based on age alone. Instead, they are working to customize a car insurance policy that suits your budget and specific insurance needs.

Moreover, another factor they look at when considering a high risk driver is if you have a suspended or revoked license that must be re-instated. Basically, the state’s Registry of Motor Vehicles will let you know if you need an SR-22 policy. Several insurance companies can help obtain the documentation for reinstatement. This takes place online and is completed within minutes.

Your profile will also depend on the driving history. You will receive a high-risk profile if you have a history of violations or auto accidents. High risk auto insurance automatically applies for drivers who have speeding, DUI, and reckless driving records, among others.

While some insurance company may attempt to keep drivers with records off the road, others provide a car insurance policy to keep them insured. Some insurers even offer high risk drivers discount points over the long run for being a careful driver and maintaining a clean record.

If you have a low credit score, you are also categorized as a high risk driver, thus, will be offered high-risk car insurance for some assurance.

Non-standard auto insurance is a car insurance policy given to high risk drivers. However, since the industry has become extremely competitive and more and more drivers today are considered high risk, this type of high risk auto insurance policy is much more common.