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Cheaper Car Insurance for Women


Without being sexist, car insurance for women is offered cheaper than the regular car insurance. Men will have to contend with this, but insurers base this on information available. Studies have shown that women are low-risk drivers, thus the lower rates in premiums. This is not a bias, just plain fact. It has been noted that most women are more responsible behind the wheel than men. They drive more carefully, keeping within speed limits and following road rules all the time. There is a lesser claims history made by the ladies, and the claims are usually not that expensive because the damages are not immense. Moreover, there is a statistic that men are responsible for almost all convictions arising from driving dangerously.

Of course, the gentlemen will argue that women tend to talk on the phone, check themselves in the mirror and get distracted here and there while driving. They want to play it fair, that car insurance for women should be as much as what they are paying. There are actually some talks about lowering premium rates for women, but it is not happening anytime soon. Women can continue enjoying lower premium payments.

Gender is just an additional privilege. One can actually get a cheaper than cheap car insurance for women. It is always good to look around first and ask for quotes before deciding which coverage to purchase. Insurance companies will consider the following when you request for a quote: your car and whether it has modifications; your ability to pay for your own premium the first time; and your usual route and mileage. As all insurance policies, the model of your car will reflect your rate. Insurance companies prefer to insure cars that have an old model, and basic safety features. Even if your car is old, but it has been modified with nice wheels, extra spoilers, and a bombastic sound system; the company will think twice about giving you a better rate. In their heads, they will consider you as a risky driver having chosen those features in your car. Getting your own coverage of car insurance for women will earn you bonus for no-claims more quickly, and this will prove helpful in your second year. A big discount is usually given to those whose mileage is really low. If you only drive to run some errands around the community and just bring or pick the kids from the nearby school, chances are your rate will be much lower.

Ask your agent today or search for quotes online, and compare before you decide.