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How To Save On Student Car Insurance


Many college students are excited with their new found freedom especially if they are driving with their own cars to and from school. With this freedom comes along the responsibility. If you are a student who drives car, you should know that you need to get a student car insurance so that your car will be properly covered.  While this will shock you a bit, but for more insurance companies, students like you are considered as generally on the high risk level due to limited driving experience. Since new drivers do not have any records to show their driving history, has a high tendency of being reckless drivers and therefore prone to accidents, a higher premium rates are normally associated with them.

The high cost of student car insurance should not make anyone feel discouraged. Yes, it is true, that it gets pretty expensive but there are ways to save a few hundred dollars for this policy coverage. First, start looking for quotes from different insurance provider in the internet or perhaps talk to your family’s agents for advice. When you have the quotes with you, compare which one has the ability to give the widest coverage that will suit your needs and budget. Getting high grades is a big help too, because insurance companies will see you as a responsible student and ultimately would become a responsible driver as well. Avoid owning very expensive cars like sports cars which are susceptible to theft. Instead, go get a basic car, and install some safety features like seat belts, anti theft alarm and locking systems.

Additionally, you can piggy back to your existing parents’ insurance policy. This means, the car is listed under your parents’ name and you are listed as one of the drivers. You will get almost 50% reductions while being covered up to the limits of their policy. However, take note that this will not help you build a good credit score for yourself which is considered essential for your own future.   Try to minimize your mileage by using your car during long breaks or important trips only. If you can lower this down, insurance companies will almost consider you a low risk driver.

The best stake is being an informed driver. There are lots of useful information around the internet that will help you decide how you can save on your student car insurance.  You may be considered as a high risk driver, simply because you are new to driving, but there are ways where you can avail of discounts. Remember, in order to get cheap premiums maintain a clean driving record, good grades and high credit score.