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Another Special Kind of Insurance: Car Insurance for Women


The society has always considered men as the dominating and stronger gender. However, for some cases, women also get a special treatment. One of which is the car insurance for women. So far, no insurance company has offered a gender-specific product such as this one. Insurance companies have long considered women as a better driver than men, because of the fact that they make less and cheaper claims. Usually, the write-offs are cheaper because most women driver who suffered accidents only incur minor bumps, dents and few scrapes while male drivers will end up, if not all, a totally wreaked vehicle. Additionally, women’s mileage, traffic violations, apprehensions and ticket issuance are fewer as well.

For many male drivers, this special treatment is usually seen a one-sided approach. They justified that most women drivers get easily distracted while driving such as radio noise, conversation with the passengers, talking to a phone or just a simple make-up smudged. Whether these claims are true or not, insurance companies still think women are generally safe drivers.

However, there are ways for men to enjoy the same privileges such as piggybacking on the car insurance for women. His account could be listed under his sister, wife or girlfriend’s policy and could help in pulling the premium down a bit.  On the other hand, this is not a sound solution, because there are cases that women are being charged with high premiums too especially if they do not have the credit rating or score that the insurers are looking for. In this case, he may be well better off getting his own policy.

The car insurance for women offers almost the same coverage from its counterparts. Third party liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance are already available. Since it is common for women to drive around with kids, the child seat can now be added to their existing insurance for additional peace of mind. Other companies are now starting to offer hand bag and content coverage in case these items are lost or stolen during a mishap. Some companies even offer assistance by providing service cars while the vehicle is being repaired.

Car insurance for women empowers many women today. Additional discounts are given to those who deserve it like those who have no history of road violations or middle aged women. Cheaper premiums are always available for those who shop around the compared quotes. Today, many women are searching for ways to lower down their insurance premiums through the internet to get quotes from dozens of online insurance companies.