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Special Car Insurance for Women


Men are generally considered as the stronger and more dominating gender in society. However, there are cases that women are given special treatment over men. Take car insurance for women, for example. There is no insurance company that offers the same privilege for the opposite sex. There are no claims that women are better drivers, just plain facts that ladies commonly make less and cheaper claims. The write-offs are cheaper because damages are usually just minor bumps and a few scrapes versus the totally-wrecked auto that men end up with. Statistics also show that women’s mileage is significantly lower, too, and that there are lesser records in terms of traffic violations and apprehensions for women.

The gentlemen would argue that special car insurance for women is a bit unfair. They say so because there are observations that women tend to get really distracted while driving. It could be noise from the radio, a conversation with a passenger or in the phone, or make-up gone a bit smudged. While these may be true, men will have to contend with the fact that insurers still think otherwise.

There is a way for men to enjoy this privilege: piggy bank on car insurance for women. You can be listed in the policy of your wife, girlfriend or sister as a driver and pull your premium down. This is not a very sound investment, though, because there are other issues to consider. A woman may not have the credit rating or score that insurers look for, thus a higher premium is also charged. A man may well be better off having his own policy.

While providing coverage for third-party liability and possibly collision as well, car insurance for women also offer standards to comprehensive insurance that are not available in any other insurance types. It is common that women usually drive around with the kids so there is an option to add child seat to the coverage for more protection and peace of mind. Some also offer coverage for a hand bag and its contents that are lost or stolen while in the vehicle. For convenience, a number of insurance companies provide service cars while the damaged car is being repaired.

Women are being empowered by this kind of insurance. Further discounts are given to those who deserve it, like those who are middle aged and have no history of road violations. Cheaper premiums are possible, just be sure to shop around and compare quotes. The internet will also yield a lot of quotes you can choose from.