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Save on Student Car Insurance


There is a newfound freedom for college students to be able to drive their own cars to the university. Yet, there is also an additional responsibility that comes along with that freedom. You need to get student car insurance and have your car properly covered. Most insurance companies relatively consider young students to be high-risk on the road because of the limited driving experience. New drivers are also considered as such because records show that they have a tendency to become reckless, thus more prone to accidents. Because of this, the rates are usually higher too.

Getting a student car insurance should not be discouraging to someone. Yes, it can get pretty expensive, but there are ways to save on this policy. Find a product that is still affordable by asking for quotes from different insurance providers. Get in touch with your family’s agent or secure quotes available in the internet. Compare the quotes and study what will best suit your needs and budget. If you are consistently getting high grades, insurers may consider that and give you discounts. If your grades are good, they see you as a responsible adult who will handle the steering wheel consciously. Refrain from owning expensive sports cars that are susceptible to theft. Get a basic car instead, but one that still has the sufficient safety features, like seatbelts, alarm systems, airbags, and centralized locking system.

Another way to save on student car insurance premiums is to piggy ride on your parents’ existing auto policy. This means that the car is registered under one of your parents’ name and you are just listed as one of the drivers. You will be covered up to the limits while your premium is about 50% less than the regular rate. This will not, however, help you in building a good credit score for yourself which is essential for your future. To minimize your mileage, which is a factor most insurance companies consider for risk-level, you might want to just use your car during long breaks and leave it at home when in school. This especially applies if you live in a rural area while your university is in the city where the risk is usually higher.

Being informed is your best stake. The internet is a great source for pieces of information that will help you decide which student car insurance policy to buy. You are classified as high-risk, as a new driver, yet there are qualifications that will make you a deserving candidate for discounts. Get cheaper premiums by keeping a clean record, get good grades, and maintain a high credit score.