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The Advantages of Getting Non Owners Auto Insurance


Just because you do not have a car of your own does not mean you do not have to get car insurance anymore. Truth is, there is non owners auto insurance. This is for people who are driving a car that is not their own. It could either be rented or belonging to a company they work for.

You might ask, why is there a need to insure something that is not yours? The risk of getting into an accident is sometimes higher when you are not driving your own car. The psychological factor of having to be more careful in using a borrowed property sometimes gets in your head too much that you become more prone to accidents.

In case of an accident and you do not have non owners auto insurance, you will be required to pay for damages using your personal money. If you refuse, expect a lawsuit because the car owner will not let you off the hook that easily. This will double your expenses as you will now have to worry about the repair costs plus the lawsuit. If you got insurance for the borrowed car, an insurance company will cover cost of repairs and your savings will not be touched.

Who should get non owners auto insurance? This is ideal for those who are renting cars on a regular basis. These people could not afford or do not want to buy their own means of transportation so they rent cars instead.

It is more advisable to get your own car insurance rather than having to pay for coverage every time you rent. It will be cheaper, not to mention you are always assured that any accident you get into on the road will be fully covered every time you drive.

This type of insurance is also ideal for those who are driving company cars. It is typical for company owners to get auto insurance for cars they lend to their employees. However, if you happen to be one of the few who has been issued a non-insured car, you might consider insuring it yourself for protection. In case of an accident, you cannot put the blame on your company for not having it insured. You will still be responsible to pay for the damages.

Remember that non owners auto insurance policy has limitations. It will not cover all possible accident situations. You must look into several policies and see which will work best for your given work lifestyle. You can go online to gather several auto quotes first to learn more about your options.