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Premium Rate of Auto Insurance for Seniors is Not Based on Age Alone


Just because auto insurance for seniors is for drivers who are between 55 to 75 years old does not mean that age is the only factor considered for computing premiums of this type of insurance. It is true that age plays a big role for the lower premiums attached to auto insurance for seniors, but there are other factors affecting rate computation also.

Insurance companies generally think that senior drivers can be trusted more to drive safely. They are not fond of racing with other vehicles on the street. They drive more at a leisurely pace rather than stepping on the gas all the time. Their aggressiveness has waned with time and their reflex actions have weakened. This makes them more content to just drive with more caution and stay defensive behind the wheel.

However, insurance companies cannot base it on age alone when computing for premiums of auto insurance for seniors. Other factors come into play to be able to calculate for insurance rates more accurately. Hence, insurers do a background check also on senior drivers to find out more about them.

Not all senior drivers have been driving for a long time. Some of them have only learned driving as they entered the senior age bracket. This makes them essentially a beginner and can be likened to teenage drivers. If this is the case, they will not be automatically given a premium discount for seniors.

Insurers will also assess driving history. Seniors will be more eligible to premium discounts if they keep a clean driving record. This means they have not received any traffic violation tickets in the past few years. This also means they have not figured in any car collision either.

The type of car to be driven will also be checked. Ordinary sedan cars are generally easy to drive. Insurers will not hesitate to give premium discounts to seniors who will drive an ordinary car. However, seniors who plan to drive a big pickup truck might be given a higher rate on their auto insurance for seniors. Not only is a pickup truck more difficult to maneuver, but with their weakened reflexes, driving big vehicles will be more dangerous. There is a big probability that they will get into a road accident.

Seniors have the advantage of being given lower premiums because of their age, but they should also remember that this is not a reason for them to be careless in driving. It will not be that easy for them to get discounts on car insurance rates when they apply because insurance companies will go beyond the age factor when they perform a background check.