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Coverage of the non owner’s auto insurance


Even if you don’t have an automobile and you’re renting one because of rising fuel and car costs nowadays, a non owner’s car insurance would prove to be very beneficial to you in the long run.

Travelling long distances to work, school or taking a long trip using public transportation might not give you the flexibility that you may need to move around independently and in a timely manner. This may encourage you to rent an automobile, and in doing so, it is not a bad idea to buy a non owner’s car insurance policy.

The coverage of the non owner’s auto insurance policy for occasional drivers renting or borrowing an automobile for their own reasons is the following: 

•        Comprehensive or collision damage

•        Liability, the financial responsibility when one injures other individuals

•        Medical payments coverage

•        PIP or the Personal Injury Protection

•        Rental reimbursement

•        Towing Reimbursement

•        Underinsured or uninsured motor protection 

The non owners auto insurance policy categorized as “very basic” however, does not include the comprehensive or collision damage, and rental and towing reimbursements.         

Insurance in the driver’s name assures protection and security for driver, the passengers, and their properties when travelling or just staying at home—applicable to whatever the situation may be. This insurance has been tested to provide protection and security in the past.         

Rental car agencies or counters can also offer similar coverage like the non owner’s auto insurance policy. However, it is better for drivers renting automobiles in a single year to opt for the non owner’s auto insurance policy provided by companies.         

The insurance from companies will be more economically worthwhile long-term. The non owner’s auto insurance policy’s costs depend on a lot of factors. These factors include an individual’s driving record, his or her residence, and other additional guidelines by the insurance company regarding the terms of payment or coverage, etc… With these factors, the costs for the insurance policy may range from $ 300 to $ 500 annually. 

If you are planning to purchase a non owner’s auto insurance policy you must note that the policy only applies when the existing and available insurance policies has already been used. For instance, if you rented a friend’s or colleague’s car and met in an accident, the insurance of the car’s owner covers the damages or injuries until the insurance is exhausted. It’s only after your friend’s or colleague’s insurance coverage has been exhausted can your non auto insurance be used.